Bay Area Belly 2014

The 4th Annual Bay Area Belly Festival for 2014 is now ramping up! The website has just been updated and dancer requests are already pouring in! The excitement is building.

This year the festival is being held at Angelicas LLC – going back to our roots! This is a lovely venue, and even though we all enjoyed last year’s venue, it is good to be back. The atmosphere is conducive to having a wonderful day of dancing. There is one stage this year with a live music set at 2:30 pm by Meridian Band which is always a highlight of the day!

I hope to see you there!

A great time was had!

Thank you to everyone for helping to make Bay Area Belly 2013 the wonderful day that it was. Thanks to the vendors for adding their color and energy. It’s a lot of work hauling that stuff around. Thanks to the dancers for their great dancing and putting the word out and for the hours of work put into perfecting the art and taking it to a new level. Thanks to the photographers & videographer – so professional, helpful, kind and community minded. Thanks to the musicians for doing such a great job – not just with the music but with the technical assistance! Thanks to a great audience who gave energy back to the performers.Thanks to the many volunteers working behind the scenes making the festival flow – without you it could not be done. I am truly grateful to be part of such a giving community as this!


Less Than a Week Now

The festival is now only days away! Very exciting as we are in the count down to lift of! So much to do but also so many people have been helping. It truly takes a village to put on a show.

Meridian Band is having one last rehearsal this Thursday 11th  for the live music dancers so remember to get in contact with him. They prefer this to deciding for you.

We are going to have snacks and drinks available for purchase at the event as well as whole meals available for real hungry people at Lobster Shack next door.

New Location – But the show will go on!

*NEWSFLASH Tuesday March 26th*

Renovations at Angelica’s have come to a permit standstill making it impossible for the show to happen there – BUT THE SHOW WILL GO ON!!
COMMUNITY STREET JAM DANCE STUDIO, 849 Veterans Blvd., RWC has kindly offered to host our show. The studio is 3 blocks from Angelica’s and two blocks from Downtown Redwood City. Two stages – two live music sets and vendors bazaar still all the same.

Two Live Music Sets!

I’m very happy to announce that due to great demand – there will be two live music sets this year! One set will be in the intimate Blues & Jazz Room upstairs, starting 12:45 pm and the other set will be on the Bell Theatre Stage downstairs from 3:00 – 4:00 pm. I want to thank Meridian Band for their enthusiastic response to adding a second set. They will be very busy musicians on April 14th.
This is very exciting news!

Photos Of Bay Area Belly Past

Glad to announce that I have started – as of Jan 31st, 2013 – to put photos of dancers up on the site now. Go to the Gallery page and you will see the beginnings. If you would like your photo taken at Bay Area belly up on the site just email me the picture and I will put it up.

Schedule is Filling Up!

I recently updated this website and changed it from an html site to a WordPress site with the intention of adding a Blog! That was last week. I thought it might be fun to get comments and post pictures. I’m happy to say the site has been found by many and that behind the scenes the schedule is filling up!! It’s always a lot of fun to be at this event. I enjoy seeing the different dance styles on the 2 stages and run up and down the stairs all day to get a good look at everything that is going on as well as perform with my troupe and my student troupe. The Live Music section by Meridian is exceptionally amazing!Don’t miss this chance to perform in front of an adoring audience!

Bay Area Belly 2013 – It’s On!

I’m happy to announce that Bay Area Belly is happening for the third year, on Sunday, April 14th. Angelica’s in Redwood City is undergoing extensive renovations at the moment, and in Mid-Feb will be opening to the general public again for bigger and better shows.
One thing I know is that this year we willl have a “green room” to get changed in downstairs, and the balcony room will be an eating and viewing area. Sounds good to me!

There will be two stages – the downstairs stage which will be slightly bigger (yay!) and then the stage up in the Jazz & Blues Room which is a wooden floor. It’s very exciting getting everything ready to host this event and I hope it will be bigger and better than ever this year.

If you would like to post on this blog about anything to do with the festival or about Belly dance then please email me for a password.

I will be posting photos from previous years on this site soon!