Dancer Details

Dancer Check In
Dancers should email Sudeep no later than Sunday, May 12th with their BIO. That will save on time at the check-in. It will be printed and handed to the announcer for you. Please keep it short. There is not much time between acts and we need to stay on time!

Let the Dancer Check-In desk know how you are entering and whether you start on stage or off. The Bell Stage has changed and has no curtained entrance on the left side when looking at the stage from the audience.

Dancers should check in one hour before performance time and be ready to go on stage 30 mins before performance time.

Your Music
We are asking dancers to send Sudeep their music file so that we can have a playlist ready to go. The deadline for sending music is Sunday, May 12th. No MP3 players or iphones will be accepted.

Ready To Go On?
Check in with the stage manager who will point you to the correct place to go on stage – this will be through the Green Room and entering from the left of the stage when looking from the audience. Please be findable!!

Dressing Rooms
There are 2 areas to change. We apologize for the cramped changing space; it’s best to come dressed! It gets very crowded mid-afternoon onward. Please change quickly and leave the area to the dancers coming after.
1. One small green room or dressing room to the left side of the stage – this gets very full and is almost unusable as a dressing room and more a pre-stage boarding area.
2. Upstairs – a long narrow balcony area plus a landing. It is cramped, but doable, so it might be best (for troupes especially) to come mostly in costume.

Any and all upstairs dining rooms are completely out of bounds for changing, make-up etc. Please do not go in to take photos.

Stage Dimensions
The Bell stage is carpeted. The stage is somewhere in the region of 18 feet wide by 9.5 feet deep. However the piano is still on the stage, but it will be completely to one side (left side when looking at the stage from audience)

Photographer Michael Baxter
Download a photo form here,
fill it in and be ahead of the game!

Videos – Carl Sermon
Download video form here.

Live Music
Tahneen Middle Eastern Band is the live band this year.

Audience & General Admission
No show is complete without an adoring audience. Do tell your students/friends/family/business associates about the show. I will be sending out a mailer that can be forwarded by email. I can also email posters as needed – please request. I will be posting signs around Redwood City and surrounding area; posting signs in local Gyms and Dance Academies; sending notices to the papers and posting this event on Facebook. The website is a great source of info – so spread the link!

Audience pays $20 admission for the entire festival or $15 in advance online at the Angelicas website.

This is a great place to have an event.  There is a full bar, a stage with attractive back curtains, vendors will be around the edge of the large downstairs room and some of the audience will be seated at tables. There is food available for purchase all day long and a great ambiance. I am asking a dancer entrance fee of $5.00 (as posted on this website) to help with costs.

Address, Schedule, Vendors, Parking etc
All of this is on this website.

Parking – There is free pubic parking lot across the street from Angelicas with lots of space on Sundays. If you are lucky there maybe street parking.

Address – 863 main St., Redwood City, CA 94063
Dancer’s Schedule
Dancer Info
Vendors Info

Festival Mission
The mission of Bay Area Belly Festival is to provide a place to perform, network and enjoy a day in the company of other dancers, students and belly dance/dance enthusiasts.

Angelicas LLC venue is very central to the Bay Area in the Mid-Peninsula – what a great place to have a festival.

Feel free to email me if you have a question at Thanks Sudeep