March Madness

Redwood City Raks and BAB invites you to join us for

Napa Dance Studio, 560 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063
3:30PM – 6:00PM

$5 Donation to the studio required at the door for all non-members. For dancers as well as audience. This goes directly to the Napa Dance Studio without which we would have no fun events, classes or rehearsals! Cash is king.

3:00pm doors open – yes you can help us move chairs!

Dancers Appearing in this order:
3:30PM Sharp Begin Dancing

1. Nizana El Rassan
2. Jewel of Opar
3. Alya Nrithyam
4. Raks Al Khalil
5. Shahina
6. Raja
7. Serenity Sisters
8. Sandra and Student Group Song of the Sand
9. Ma Shuqa Mujan (6 mins)
10. Sudeep (5mins)

15min Break


11. Dawn
12. Katia’s Students
13. Sabiba
14. Raks Jawhara (8 mins)
15. Shadan and Students (Persian)
16. Neshee Dolu
17. Leigh Anne
18. Belle Époque
19. Alma

Let’s Do This Again!

March Madness 2018 pic

Before 3pm there is no parking in the Napa Auto Parts parking lot. The Napa Auto Parts store is open until 3pm so please abide by this rule. There is a parking lot on the other side of Whipple, or park on streets. Hopkins is usually a good bet.  From 3pm onward, park in Napa Auto Parts parking lot or if full, park on surrounding streets.

How Do I Get In The Studio
Towards the back of the The Napa Auto Parts store parking lot, under the covered porch, look for two naked statues. The door may be open, but if not, ring the bell of the door between the statues. The door will open by a phone activated lock and you will hear a click.  Walk through the inner door, go up the stairs. Enjoy!

Info To Dancers
Dressing Room
Limited dressing room space includes two bathrooms and a small cloakroom. Come close to or already dressed.

Music Requirements
This is a community event and we do not have a DJ. We are doing this ourselves. For music we can accommodate CDs, or playback devices as long as they are easy to work and are on the correct playlist! Please have your name on them. If phones are used please remember to put them in airplane mode with screen lock open. You can also email Sudeep your music if you wish, before March 18th. Email at